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Code of Ethics


  • Respect the dignity of the person in treatment. 

  • Knowing one's own professional limitations 

  • Referring the person to another professional if needed

  • Practicing a research of tools that will lead to the person's autonomy and well-being.

  • Respecting the person's religious, political and philosophical beliefs. 

  • Not utilising any practice or/and pressure of any kind that could endanger the integrity of the person (membership of a movement, school, religious community etc.) 

  • Forbid oneself all sexual practice with patients, clients or students in training.

  • Forbid oneself and forbid in general all violent acting out. 

  • Fix fees with tact and moderation and do not allow any material and financial abuse.

  • Respect and implement Confidentiality rules.

  • Respect the professional secret. 

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