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Daily Food Routine for a fast Recovery or simply promoting a healthy Body and Mind

by Dr. Be - Ayurvedic Medicine, Sante - Auroville Institute of Integral Health Early morning drink: Lemon juice warm water + 1/2 tsp turmeric powder + 1 tsp chia seeds + 1 pinch cinnamon: drink it warm Breakfast: if hungry Some fruits + oats + nuts and seeds + 1 tsp of ghee Herbal tea: ginger, lemongrass, mint + jaggery if needed

Mid morning drink: 5-6 tulsi leaves in 2 glasses of water with ginger, turmeric

Lunch: Easy to digest warm cooked food e.g. Dal and veggies Buttermilk + coriander leaves and toasted cumin seeds Pomegranate juice Mid afternoon: Nuts and seeds, dry fruits, popcorn Infusion of Radha consciousness flowers with lemon juice

Dinner: if hungry Khichadi (moong dal and veggies)

Bedtime: Turmeric milk or radhaconsciousness tea


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